Talk 1: Rules – How to be happier more often

Dear Friends in the Lord,

2013-02-17 Feast Taytay LR (14)Lahat tayo ay may puso at damdamin. That’s just how God created us. And difficult emotions will always be with you. Until you die, you will always have them. So you might as well learn how to manage your emotions so that they can help you towards your dreams.

Some people let their emotions run their life. These people will never be happy or successful. If you want to be happy and successful, don’t follow your feelings, let your feelings follow you.

But how do you not follow your feelings, but let your feelings follow you? How do you control your emotions? It seems so difficult!

This month, in our wonderful new series, EMO, I want to give back to your hands 3 powerful handles. There are so many handles of your emotiuons, but the three I’d like to share with you this month are Rules, Focus, and Gift. With these three handles, you can maneuver and control your emotions. And today, we will start with Talk No. 1:  Rules – how to be happier more  often.

Sana po huwag kayong magsasawa sa pag attend ng ating Feasts at magdala pa po kayo ng inyong mga kaibigan at mga kapitbahay upang makatanggap din sila ng biyaya galing sa ating Diyos.


May our loving God continue use us to bless more people!

Loving and praying for all of you!

Bro. Pio Español

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