Opening Pandora’s Box

bo sanchez 20130310YOU need this teaching series on Emo. Face it: There is very little teaching in church about emotions. We’re taught to pray. Read the Bible. And attend church. Oh yes, salvation, forgiveness, and all that great, wonderful stuff.

But how do you handle brewing anger towards your Boss who screamed at you for a mistake he thought you made (but in reality was his mistake)?

Or how do you handle nagging and constant frustration over rising bills, rising tuition fees, but also a rising inner dissatisfaction in your job? You so want to resign but obviously can’t. So every day, you’re like a walking zombie going to work.

Or how do you handle despair that you may never get married and end up like your Lola Neneng living alone in her wheelchair, in a small, dinky room who no one visits?

Or how do you manage “crushing” on someone? I was just talking to a 45-year-old married guy who was falling head-over-heels for his business partner’s wife. This guy is a Eucharistic lay minister, sometimes a Mass reader, and all-around nice guy. But there are mornings when he wakes up like a high school kid who is crushing on a dimpled girl he saw in the college cafeteria. Every day, he has this giddy feeling inside. His feet aren’t touching the ground.

He asked me, “Bo, what should I do? I know what you’re going to tell me, ‘Give it up’—but what do I do with these crazy feelings I have for her?”

This month, we’ll open the Pandora Box of Emotions. You’ll learn how to handle your feelings — God’s way.

Today, we examine your Rules of Happiness. Many have made such an insanely difficult set of Rules. No wonder, they’re happier so infrequently!

Today, you’ll learn how to make your Rules of Happiness skewed towards your favor.

Get lifted at the Feast today!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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