Our Speakers

Bo Sanchez


Bo Sanchez is a best-selling author of 38 books and the publisher of eight of the widest-read inspirational magazines in the Philippines. He leads numerous non-profit organizations that serve orphans and poor children, including Anawim, a home for the abandoned elderly.

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Alvin Barcelona


Alvin Barcelona has inspired people of all ages across the globe for more than 20 years already. He is is an insightful, funny, motivational, multi-talented and multi-faceted rocker-preacher. Currently, he leads The Feast Bay Area and his very own, Barcelona Academy System Schools in Marilao, Bulacan. He and his wife, Marites, are blessed with two children, Aio and Aia.

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Dan Caudill



Dan Caudill is the Builder of The FEAST Saint Anne Child Study Center – Montalban. As an educator and the youngest preacher in the district, he relates easily to our youth attendees and reaches out to them through his music and his friendly personality.

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