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2 Financial Systems and the 7 Jar Strategy

    If you want to change your financial life, you have to change your financial system. There are only two financial systems that exists in this world: You are either a Hunter or a Rancher. 2 Financial Systems ARE YOU A HUNTER? Many times, this leads to debt because borrowing has become a second […]

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Holy Money: Can Money Be Sacred? 1

    The Bible says that if you’re humble and obedient, it leads to many blessings — including financial blessings. The Greek word of “holy” in the Bible isĀ hagios which literally means “set apart for God.” AndĀ God is love (1 John 45:8). How does money become holy? When your main purpose for having it is […]

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Healthy Money: Live a Life of Love and Prosperity Will Come 2

What is true prosperity? It’s not about money or mansions. It is about living a life of profound LOVE for every human being. And that is the core message of the Bible. 3 Causes of a Weak Financial Immune System Many people are financially sick. They have financial cancer. They are financially dying. And they […]

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