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Do you want to be an entrepreneur?

GOD wants your life to serve others. You can actually do that through a business. But some religious people look down at business. Because in their mind, business is simply about money. So these religious folks would prefer that you remain in your job and just focus on going to Heaven. But following Jesus isn’t […]

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Should History Always Repeat Itself?

In America, if you’re selling your house, and your house has a reputation of being haunted, by United States law, you should disclose that fact to the buyer. Or the buyer, upon finding out, can sue you. So I can imagine the adjusted sales pitch, done creatively. “Hi, are you bored with life? I’m selling […]

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The Rules of Male Female Relationships

BEFORE we got married, my wife Marowe read this list somewhere and happily gave it to me, telling me that these are The Rules that would govern our marriage. When I read the list, I fainted. Here are The Rules… The female always makes The Rules. The Rules are subject to change without prior notification. […]

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Opening Pandora’s Box

YOU need this teaching series on Emo. Face it: There is very little teaching in church about emotions. We’re taught to pray. Read the Bible. And attend church. Oh yes, salvation, forgiveness, and all that great, wonderful stuff. But how do you handle brewing anger towards your Boss who screamed at you for a mistake he thought you […]

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Grow your net worth

SOME people think that Net Worth means how much they’ve got in their banks, in their stocks, and in their homes. Nope. Your accountant will tell you, “Add up your cash and investments, and that’s your Net Worth. If you own your house, add it there too.” (That’s another error. I agree with Robert Kiyosaki […]

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