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Jesus Entrepreneur FB Shared PhotoJesus was a businessman. By being an entrepreneur for 17 years, Jesus sanctified business. Do you want to build your own business? You need to learn God’s Business Theory.

Business is Like a Mango Tree

Business is like a mango tree that produces both fruits and leaves. The purpose of a mango tree is to produce mangoes. And for many entrepreneurs, the purpose of business is money. But what is the real fruit of business?

1. The Fruit is Love

The purpose of any business is to love people. To serve people. To bless people. A business should be an operation of love.

5 People Groups you need to love in your business:

– Patrons
– Personnel
– Providers
– Powers
– Partners

2. The Leaf is Profit

Without leaves, the tree cannot produce its mangoes. In the same way, a business must earn a profit to sustain its operation of love. God’s entire Business Theory rests on this powerful verse: “Give and it shall be given to you.” (Luke 6:38) If you give, life will find a way to reward you.

See Everything as Training

Success is all about training. The secret of winning is winning the battle before the battle begins. And you do that through training.

Keep Adding These 5 Trainings Into Your Life

Money is a symbol of value. The only way to add income into your life is to add value to the life of others. But the only way to add value to others is to first add value to your life.

1. Add Experience

Experience is not the greatest teacher in the world. Reflected experience is.

Specifically, say “Yes” to two kinds of experience: (a) Service and (b) Sales.

2. Add Experts

The biggest reason businesses fail is pride. How come? Businesses fail because they don’t listen to a mentor—someone who is already successful in that business—guiding them.

3. Add Expertise

What new skills can you learn? Learn new skills to gain expertise. Then, teach others how to do it.

4. Add Execution

One of the reasons people don’t become entrepreneurs is they’re all plans and talk and dreams but no execution. The Bible says, Faith without works is dead. What should you do? Start small—and correct along the way.

5. Add Excellence

Excellence in two aspects: In your skill and in your character. Especially in your character.

Why? Because the 5 P’s of your business—your patrons (customers) and personnel (staff) and providers (suppliers) and powers (regulators) and partners (co-owners) will always be asking you one question: “Can I trust you?”

Keep Adding This One Thing…

If business is about Love, then the greatest thing you can add into your life is the Love of Jesus.


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