Should History Always Repeat Itself?

In America, if you’re selling your house, and your house has a reputation of being haunted, by United States law, you should disclose that fact to the buyer. Or the buyer, upon finding out, can sue you.

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So I can imagine the adjusted sales pitch, done creatively.

“Hi, are you bored with life? I’m selling my very exciting house. When you buy my house, as BONUS, you also get three companions: a white lady who keeps crying in the middle of the night; an old man who sits on his rocking chair at the balcony, holding an ax in his right hand; and a 3-year-old girl carrying a doll—both the girl and the doll have their right eyeball missing, and all you see is a black hole in their eye socket with dripping blood… If you buy my house, I can assure you’ll never be bored again in your life.”

Haunted houses have filled our imagination ever since we were kids. But in this exciting series, we’ll be talking about something that’s MORE horrible than haunted houses. We’ll talk about families that are haunted by their past failures.


Many parents are haunted by the horrible way they were parented. They actually hated how they were parented. But they now see themselves repeating the same mistakes.

And if your parent is acting horribly—what should you do? The Bible says to honor your parents. But how can you honor someone who is not acting honorably?

Many parents are also shocked to see how their kids are “acting up” towards them– disrespectful, rude, and rebellious—almost a mirror image of how they related to their own parents when they were kids. Does history have to repeat itself? Is there a way of escaping this phenomenon?

And then there are your siblings. Perhaps they’ve made mistakes in the past. With addictions. Marriage failures. Joblessness. How do you build fantastic relationships with them?

This is going to be a rip-roaring kawabangga series.

Be very blessed today!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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