Enjoy the ride

Driving...Here is my confession… I went to two (2) driving schools and a one-on-one tutorial before I finally learned how to drive. It was a span of 10 years when I finally realized my dream to drive. I was a good student. I listened carefully to my driving instructor but somehow whenever I get hold of the steering wheel, fear creeps in and my reflexes are affected. I even had one unfortunate incident where I stepped on the gas instead of the break and hit my neighbor’s palm tree. At that point, I decided to let go of my dream.

My workplace has always been in Makati and everyday was a “rush” day for me. I would wake up at 5:00 am so I could get in the FX terminal by 6:00 am. It was always a “long” queue and waiting time was at an average of 30 – 45 minutes. I was not yet in the office but I felt that I had already a “long” day. Since I get to see the same set of people everyday, I have gained friends. Thru these friends, I have learned to “enjoy” the waiting time coz it no longer seemed like “forever”. We have had a lot of “funny” anecdotes and experiences particularly during rainy, stormy and flooded days.

When I finally learned how to drive, (Yes the Lord turned that dream into a reality by providing me with an automatic car), I still wake up at 5:00 am so I could leave the house by 6:00 am to beat the traffic. Nothing changed – my workplace is still in Makati. I am thankful though that the friend whom I have met in the “FX” terminal still rides with me today. She has become a very good friend and confidante. Though every morning still seems to be a “rush”, my friend and I try to enjoy the ride by listening to Christian songs, talking about our families, our personal and office concerns, and our daily devotionals.

Indeed, God’s timing is perfect. I have learned that there is only one thing God expects of us – to enjoy the ride and to trust our ultimate driver even though we would experience “bumpy” rides. These bumpy rides are blessings in disguise.

I pray dear Lord, that I may continuously expect the best each day knowing that You love me.

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