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2 Financial Systems and the 7 Jar Strategy

    If you want to change your financial life, you have to change your financial system. There are only two financial systems that exists in this world: You are either a Hunter or a Rancher. 2 Financial Systems ARE YOU A HUNTER? Many times, this leads to debt because borrowing has become a second […]

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Ano ang Kuwaresma para sa kaalaman ng nakararaming Katoliko at Kristiyano? Ito ay panahon ng Pabasa, Pasyon, Senakulo, Penitensya, Palaspas, Semana Santa, Salubong at marami pang pagdiriwang na nauukol sa Kuwaresma. Para sa kaalaman ng lahat, ang mga nabanggit ko sa itaas ay pawang pagdiriwang na materyal, panlabas at hindi lubos na tumutukoy sa tunay […]

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Special Talk: Are you a Hunter or a Rancher?

My Dear Friends in the Lord, Welcome to our Big Day! We normally call our Feast after each series as Big Day because something big is done to highlight such series. Today we will do that. We will be giving you very practical tips on how we can put into practice what we just took […]

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Grow your net worth

SOME people think that Net Worth means how much they’ve got in their banks, in their stocks, and in their homes. Nope. Your accountant will tell you, “Add up your cash and investments, and that’s your Net Worth. If you own your house, add it there too.” (That’s another error. I agree with Robert Kiyosaki […]

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