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Healthy Money: Live a Life of Love and Prosperity Will Come 2

What is true prosperity? It’s not about money or mansions. It is about living a life of profound LOVE for every human being. And that is the core message of the Bible. 3 Causes of a Weak Financial Immune System Many people are financially sick. They have financial cancer. They are financially dying. And they […]

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Why Money Runs Away from Their Owners

Every week, I bring my wife, Marowe on a special date night. On the days we’re exceedingly tired, we sometimes tell each other, “Let’s just watch a movie and eat popcorn.” So we check the movie schedule together. Obviously, she prefers the romantic lovey-dovey flicks while I push for comedies or action stuff. But since […]

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Talk 2: Healthy Money

My dear Friends in the Lord, Today as we continue our series about Happy, Healthy, Holy Money: “Changing your relationship with wealth,” we will tackle Talk 2: Healthy Money – “Live a life of love and prosperity will come.” To stay healthy, I need to take care of my body. Para magawa ko yan kailangan […]

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